In accordance with the Government of British Columbia and WorkSafe BC requirements, this page outlines Backun Musical Services’s return to work and COVID-19 response plan.

Until further notice, Backun Musical Services is closed to all visitors, unless the onsite visit is deemed essential to maintain operational functions within the company. All staff, contractors and technicians are required to follow the outline and plan below, while on premise.

For any questions related to this plan, please contact Esther Keller, HR Manager: 

Area of Focus

Actions Taken

Risk Assessment

· All staff returning to work who have experienced illness, or COVID-19 symptoms, will be asked a questionnaire while also having their temperature checked by one of our onsite First-Aid Attendants.

· All vendors and contractors visiting onsite will also be asked a COVID-19 questionnaire when entering the premise. The staff member responsible for the onsite visit will administer the questionnaire.

· Questionnaires are printed and available at the front desk and inside the First-Aid cabinet, alongside touchless temperature gauges

· A binder of all COVID-19 policies, procedures and memos has been put together and is available on the front office desk for anyone who would like to review this information.

Restriction of unauthorized people entering the building

· Signage posted at all entry doors to restrict any unauthorized access

· Backun remains closed to all customers and vendors, unless such visits are deemed essential to maintain operational functions.  

· All visiting technicians and contractors are briefed on social distancing requirements prior to entry, and will be monitored by a staff member

· Masks and gloves are available at the main entry points for staff, technicians and contractors

Hand Washing Policy

· Currently, there are eight (8) hand washing stations throughout the premise. Staff and visitors are encouraged to wash hands proactively and often, especially when first coming onsite, before and after each break, and prior to leaving the premise.

· This has been proven to be the most proactive and beneficial way of reducing the spread of germs and viruses.

Protocols for Cleaning Common Areas

Weekly cleaning company staff have been instructed to focus on the following:

· Sanitization of all touch points, including: light switches, door knobs, counters and railings

· Washing of hands often and thoroughly

· Use of proper sanitization solutions

· No cross contamination – separate cloths for specific purposes

· Gloves and wipes are readily available for all staff

Backun staff cleaning protocols include:

· Regular wipe-down of lunchroom counters and tables, and water dispenser handles: Each person is required to do this after personal use

· Signage to remind staff to clean-up on all lunchroom and break area tables

· Daily cleaning of light switches, doorknobs and railings

· High traffic doors left open during the day

· Twice-daily cleaning and disinfecting rounds by dedicated staff members, on a rotating basis, focusing on all high traffic and common touch-points

Removal of Unnecessary Shared Equipment

· Removal of extra chairs from the lunchroom and break areas to accommodate social distancing


Physical Distancing

· Emails sent to staff to remind of physical distancing at all times

· Signage posted as reminders in staff areas

· Break room chairs placed to meet social distancing requirements

· Occupancy limits posted at doors of multi-person rooms

· A reminder to maintain social distancing at all times!

· If staff and visitors cannot maintain social distancing, face masks are required in times of close quarters work - within Six Feet (6ft)

· Two (2) internal stairwells have been designated as either an UP stairwell or DOWN stairwell. Please take note of this and use the respective stairwell, depending on your internal movements between the two floors. The east facing stairwell between the mezzanine and the key making area is designated as an emergency exit only and does not have a specific UP or DOWN restriction.

Shipping and Receiving Parcels

· Use of gloves when handling incoming parcels

· Use of mask and gloves if signing for parcels

· Use of mask if required to be within 6’ of delivery person

· Gloves and masks made available at shipping

· Most domestic shipments will be quarantined for 3 days from the date of receipt

· All shipments from the province of Quebec will be quarantined for 7 days from the date of receipt

· All international shipments will be quarantined for 7 days from the date of receipt

Signage of COVID 19 Symptoms

Signage of symptoms posted in at all main entrances, as well as in the front-office COVID-19 Procedures Binder and in the First Aid Cabinet.


Company Policy for Staff who feel Ill

· All staff must stay home if they are showing any signs of illness and must notify their manager.  Any return to work must first be approved by the HR Manager and the respective department manager.

· Two infrared thermometers are at Backun to help gauge illness. One is  upstairs in the front office and another in the lunchroom First Aid cabinet. Those who test a possibly ill person are required to wear an N95 mask and gloves during the temperature reading. Thorough cleaning of the thermometer is also required after use.

· If staff experience signs of illness while at work, they must notify their manager and immediately and go home.

· The manager will be responsible to assure that all work surfaces that were touched by the ill person are properly cleaned. 

· A person who is ill should go home in their own vehicle, if possible, or be picked up by a person who is living with them.  If this is not possible an N95 mask must be worn on public transit, taking care that they do not touch common surfaces to avoid the possibility of infecting some one else.

Procedures for Working from Home

If there is a concern for operation of equipment where someone is working at home, including working in isolation, the manager is responsible for approved written safety protocols.

Safety Concern Reporting

· All staff are assured that they may raise any concerns regarding safety without reprisal

· Staff have the right to refuse unsafe work

· Staff may contact their Manager or HR Manager directly at any time

Mental Health Help

Mental wellness websites and information are posted on the lunchroom bulletin board and sent out via email to all staff including staff on leave. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the support available.


Updated June 26, 2020