Do You Offer Trials?

All online orders may be returned within 14 days of the delivery date, no questions asked. Please note that all orders must be paid in full before shipment can be made.

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How Much is Shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Free shipping is available on eligible orders.

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How can I Purchase Backun Products Locally?

We have Authorized Backun Dealers in convenient locations all around the world. For details please contact our Sales Team.

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Will I Have to Pay Taxes?

Yes! Canadian orders will be subject to provincial and federal taxes at the time of checkout. For more information please contact your local government office before placing your order.

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What is the Difference Between Standard Fit and Selmer Paris Fit?

Standard fit will work with Backun, Buffet, Leblanc, Yamaha, Selmer USA, etc. Selmer Paris fit will work with Selmer Paris instruments. There are a few exceptions, so please view the following fit chart for full details.

Fit and Sizing