Backun Musical Services offers custom engraving of Backun Barrels and Bells to add a personal touch to your instrument accessories. Our pricing structure for engraving includes a setup fee and a per-piece fee to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction. 

It is the responsibility of the client to provide the correct spelling of the names or information requested to be engraved. Due to the limited window in which we can engrave on pieces, some requests may not be possible, and the size and scope of engravings are at the sole discretion of Backun.  


  1. Setup Fee: A one-time setup fee of $25 USD will be charged for all custom engraving orders. This fee covers the preparation and customization of your engraving design.
  1. Per Piece Fee: In addition to the setup fee, there is a $5 USD fee for each item to be engraved. This fee applies to every individual piece requiring engraving.

Example Pricing 

- Single Item: $25 setup fee + $5 per piece = $30 total 

- Multiple Items: $25 setup fee + ($5 x number of pieces) 

Image Requirements 

Graphics or images for engraving must be in .JPEG, .PNG or .TIFF file formats and be at least 750x750 image size/resolution. The higher the resolution, the better, as our team will convert the file to .DXF for engraving. Should the customer have the native .DXF file, please also include this along with the original image in the formats above.

Terms and Conditions 

- Custom engraved items are FINAL SALE and are not subject to return 

- The setup fee is non-refundable and applies to each unique engraving design requested 

- The per-piece fee applies to each individual item regardless of size or complexity 

- Full payment is required at the time of order placement for retail sales 

- Any changes to the engraving design after setup may incur additional setup fees

Warranty of Custom Engraved Pieces 

- Custom engraved pieces have the same warranty as stock items, however, warranty replacements will not be custom engraved 

- Should the customer wish to have their warranty replacement custom engraved, an additional $5 per piece charge will apply to each warranty replacement custom engraved

Custom Engraving Submission Form