Backun Global

Alpha Low Eb Bass Clarinet

Sale price$3,879 CAD
Key Finish:Nickel
Peg Length:Short

Affordable and Lightweight. What's Not to Love?

Imagine a professional instrument designed for students and advancing bass clarinet players, alike. The Backun Alpha Bass Clarinet series leverages the same acoustical design and durable key mechanism found on Q Series Bass Clarinets as the foundation for these synthetic Low Eb or Low C versions. From an incredibly lightweight body to hardened and triple-strike plated key work, Alpha Bass Clarinets are equally at home in the classroom, home studio or outdoor concert venues. 

Two case options are available: a hardshell case for schools and travel, and a ballistic nylon backpack case for those on the go.

"One of our goals at Backun has been to create great, affordable instruments, capable of playing at a professional level. The Alpha Bass Clarinet Series has achieved that. With features normally available on the most expensive instruments, the Alpha Low Eb and Low C Bass Clarinets will allow more players to be successful producing a beautiful sound with exceptional intonation. These instruments are ideal for professionals needing a backup, developing students, serious amateur players, doublers, educational institutions and those playing in challenging environments. Finally... quality, lightweight Bass Clarinets where affordability doesn't mean compromise."
- Morrie Backun, President of Backun Musical Services

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