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Marcus Bonna Triple Bb/A/Eb or Basset A Clarinet Case

Sale price$649 CAD

Luxurious Protection for Your Clarinet

Travel in style and comfort with a Custom Backun Case by Marcus Bonna. This triple clarinet case comfortably fits one Bb Clarinet, one A Clarinet, and one Eb or Basset A Clarinet Lower Joint in a cradle-suspension system designed by Marcus, himself. With enough extra space for plenty of accessories, the modular case design allows the player to adjust the position of the blocking to protect the instruments during day-to-day use and unexpected impacts. Crafted with a fibreglass shell and ballistic nylon cover, the outer case features one large full-size pocket to house a laptop, tablet or music, as well as a smaller pocket for incidentals and accessories, such as charging cables and more. The top handle is well padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps can be removed, allowing the player to carry the case in briefcase style. It's time you upgraded your clarinet case. It's time you chose a Custom Backun Case by Marcus Bonna.

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