Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet
Q Series A Clarinet

Backun Musical Services

Q Series A Clarinet

Sale price$6,149 CAD
Exotic Hardwood:Grenadilla

An Affordable Masterpiece

The Q Series Clarinet offers those who prefer a more traditional French-style instrument the chance to experience the world of Backun. Backun combines modern manufacturing techniques, including a carbon fibre joint ring, with classic exotic hardwoods and triple-plated key work to produce an instrument with a truly familiar feel and playability.

Inline trill keys help reduce condensation accumulation, and precision undercut and overcut tone holes ensure impeccable intonation and response. An affordable masterpiece, the Q Series is the classic choice.


  • Available in Bb or A

Approx. Weight

  • 744g


  • Premium, unstained exotic hardwood body (in grenadilla or cocobolo)
  • Custom made key work with triple-strike plating (in silver or gold)
  • Poly-cylindrical bore
  • Undercut and overcut tone holes
  • Carbon fibre joint ring


  • Removable left-hand Eb lever (optional)
  • Inline trill keys with hardened, blue steel coil springs
  • Advanced adjustment screws
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring


    • Custom black leather
    • Custom register pad with voicing pin


      • Lumière 65mm and 64mm Barrels
      • Lumière Bell
      • Custom BAM Double Clarinet Trekking Case
      • Polishing cloth
      • Cleaning swab
      • Cork grease
      • Backun Warranty
      • Mouthpiece not included

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