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Q Series Bass Clarinet

Sale price$17,349 CAD
Range:Low C
Exotic Hardwood:Grenadilla
Key Finish:Silver

Years in the Making. Well Worth the Weight.

Backun Q Series Bass Clarinets set the standard for what bass clarinet playing should be. Designed with an intense focus on exceptional intonation throughout the registers and a beautifully engineered mechanism, this series of professional bass clarinets has no equal. From the triple register mechanism to over- and under-cut tone holes and a thoughtful custom Marcus Bonna Case, the Q Series Bass Clarinet is a new low, even for Backun. 

"When I started our company twenty-three years ago, developing a bass clarinet was the furthest thing from my mind. Back then, I was focused on high-end repairs and customizations and crafting our line of now well-known barrels and bells. Fast-forward two decades, tens of thousands of clarinets sold, countless lessons learned, and amazing friendships made, I’m humbled to announce that the Backun Bass Clarinet has arrived. 

Our goal was to craft an exceptional and mechanically reliable bass clarinet with a distinct bel canto tone and impeccable intonation. As important, we wanted to create an instrument that is affordable while representing the quality and innovation that Backun has become known for.

I welcome you to experience our biggest innovation, yet. Literally. And I hope you'll love our first bass clarinet as much as I do."

 - Morrie Backun

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  • Premium, unstained exotic hardwood body (in grenadilla or cocobolo)
  • Elegant key work with triple-strike plating (in silver or gold)
  • Sculpted toneholes with overcut vented “wings” on the lower joint


  • Triple register mechanism for unrivalled tuning
  • Articulated G# mechanism 
  • Low C mechanism with ergonomic balanced action
  • Advanced adjustment screws
  • Adjustable thumb rest and neck strap loop


  • Custom black leather


  • Q Series Bass Clarinet Neck in silver plating
  • Q Series Bass Clarinet Bell in silver plating
  • Backun Bass Clarinet peg 
  • Custom Marcus Bonna Compact Low C Bass Clarinet Case with integrated bass clarinet stand straps (stand not included)
  • Polishing cloth
  • Large double-sided swab with integrated weight
  • Cork grease
  • Backun Warranty
  • Mouthpiece kit not included

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